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Sponsorship Coaching & Training

for Public Radio Station Sponsorship Leaders in Media Markets 50-200

A Passion for Public Media

For 20 years, Market Enginuity co-founder and public radio veteran Kirk Nelson has worked with station managers, sponsorship leaders and corporate sales teams to maximize revenue. Kirk has been a featured presenter at industry conferences including PMDMC and PMBA.

After decades of managing sponsorship sales for Market Enginuity‑represented public radio markets, Kirk is now hyper‑focused on energizing sales for a broader spectrum of stations.

Kirk brings his passion for public media, coaching and training to more stations with Enginuity Workshop®.

Kirk Nelson

Kirk Nelson, Co-founder

Coaching Generates Revenue

Enginuity Workshop provides personalized interaction for sponsorship sales leaders and support for implementation of foundational systems that generate revenue.

Annual planning, monthly training and individual weekly coaching sessions create strong sponsorship sales knowledge and best practices in corporate support.

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Resources to Increase Your Capacity

Enginuity Workshop helps you carry out your mission by increasing revenue and capacity, while keeping the integrity of noncommercial, independent media.

An Enginuity Workshop 12-Month Partnership Agreement combines personalized training and direction with foundational systems, including sales management tools and collateral.

Coaching Perks

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Training Webinars
  • Monthly Budget Planning
  • Annual Revenue Planning
  • Performance Management System
    • Operating Plan
    • Monthly Projection Worksheets
    • Quota Worksheets
    • Budget Projection Worksheet
    • Annual Avail Planner
  • Sponsorship Materials
    • Unique Value Proposition
    • Media Kit
    • Rate Card
    • Rate Card Guidelines
    • Sales One-Sheet
    • Proposal Template
Become an Enginuity Workshop Station

Enginuity Workshop has decades of learning to share with you — let’s talk!

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