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With a true passion for local journalism, we support your mission by increasing revenue and capacity while protecting the integrity of noncommercial, independent media.

Local Sales Teams Dedicated to Measurable Results

In today’s crowded media landscape, marketers seek trusted partners to promote their message. Market Enginuity is not a national rep firm. Quite the opposite, we staff our station sales teams with local talent who live in the communities our station partners serve. Our account managers are high-performing, lifelong learners—embodying the values unique to the public media station they proudly represent.

National Support Team With Industry Expertise

A national network of talent and industry-leading management supports our station sales teams. Marketing, talent development and digital operations experts who have dedicated their careers to media fortify sales.

Leading Innovation in Public Media Sponsorship

When local stations see corporate sponsorship challenges, we see opportunities. With nationwide intelligence from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee to Houston, we are quick to spot trends, uncover solutions and establish best practices that benefit all our station partners.

This enterprise approach has led to revenue-generating services such as:

Market Enginuity Audience Analytics

Answering the desire for measurable marketing ROI, our broadcast attribution and analytics platform empowers advertisers, agencies and media companies to track radio advertising and sponsorship just like digital. Insights gleaned empower local station salespeople to prove the value of broadcast media to sponsors, prospects and marketing decision-makers.


Community Accounts

Launched in 2020, Market Enginuity Community Accounts pioneered self-serve sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits, event organizers and community supporters who don’t have the budgets of large corporate sponsors.

A bespoke platform provides super-service to local station supporters, helping them book public radio campaigns with the click of a button—while a team of client specialists offers sponsors helpful marketing advice to maximize small-budget campaigns.


Multichannel Sales

Public media fans are at the heart of every station. We make them center stage for marketers, too. By bundling the platforms that engage these fans, we offer marketers expanded reach and reinforced message frequency. With more to offer in the public media ecosystem, local station sales teams can capture additional funding for station initiatives and sustain investments.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re interested in sponsoring one of our public media stations or learning more about turnkey sponsorship representation for your station, we can help. Complete the form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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