The largest public media sponsorship sales force in the U.S. backed by industry-leading support and systems

Market Services Team

A national network of talent and industry-leading management boost your local sales team. Marketing, talent development and digital operations experts, who have spent most of their careers in media (and the better part in public media), fortify sales.

Performance Management System

We never lose sight of the fundamentals to succeed: people and inventory. Our system leverages inventory across all platforms and provides a springboard for sponsorship representatives to excel.

“Market Enginuity's impact on Houston Public Media was immediate, measurable and uplifting, with top-notch sales talent, year over year growth and skilled inventory management. Enginuity is raising our profile in the Houston business community with strong positioning and beautiful marketing materials. We are proud to have them represent us.”

Accountability Defines Us

Here's proof of our performance


FY 2017 growth of the highest performing station over its FY 2016 revenue


Jan-Mar 2018 growth of the highest performing station over its Q1 revenue last year


Average station growth in FY 2017 revenue over FY 2016


Average station performance in Jan-Mar 2018 revenue over Q1 last year

Billing performance compared to prior year for stations represented 12 months or more

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