Sarah van Mosel, Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer, participated in expert panels about podcast sponsorship at SXSW and RAIN Digital Audio Advertising Summit

The panel at RAIN brought together Korri Kolesa from Midroll Media, Sarah Shockey from “Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling,” Anna Sullivan from Gimlet Media, Mark McCrery from Authentic/Podtrac and John MacLeod from Rivet Radio. In the “Evolution of Podcast Advertising” panel at SXSW, Sarah joined forces with Matt Leiber from Gimlet Media, Matt Turck from Panoply, Bryan Moffett from NPM and Nick Quah from Hot Pod. A mix of attendees, from independent podcast hosts and producers to art directors and buyers, listened and posed questions to the unanimously bullish panels sharing the marketing benefits of podcasts and its incredibly bright future.

Van Mosel pointed to a few specific factors that are driving ad dollars to podcasts:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Transparency
  3. Deep audience engagement

On the topic of listener engagement with the craft, she says that listening on-demand creates more habitual listening in a person’s daily life.