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Jim Taszarek, Managing Director, will present at the 2017 Public Radio in Mid America (PRIMA) Spring Conference

How to Sell Public Radio: Emerging Trends and Best Practices
Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 9:00–10:00am
Moderator: Christina Kuzmych


Sarah van Mosel, Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer, participated in expert panels about podcast sponsorship at SXSW and RAIN Digital Audio Advertising Summit

The panel at RAIN brought together Korri Kolesa from Midroll Media, Sarah Shockey from “Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling,” Anna Sullivan from Gimlet Media, Mark McCrery from Authentic/Podtrac and John MacLeod from Rivet Radio. In the “Evolution of Podcast Advertising” panel at SXSW, Sarah joined forces with Matt Leiber from Gimlet Media, Matt Turck from Panoply, Bryan Moffett from NPM and Nick Quah from Hot Pod. A mix of attendees, from independent podcast hosts and producers to art directors and buyers, listened and posed questions to the unanimously bullish panels sharing the marketing benefits of podcasts and its incredibly bright future.

Van Mosel pointed to a few specific factors that are driving ad dollars to podcasts:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Transparency
  3. Deep audience engagement

On the topic of listener engagement with the craft, she says that listening on-demand creates more habitual listening in a person’s daily life.


PRX Forges Partnership with Market Enginuity to Represent Its Sponsorship Sales

As of January 1, 2017, Market Enginuity assumes responsibility for sponsorship revenue across all PRX programs, including the Radiotopia podcast network.

“We’re excited to increase capacity for PRX, helping them grow revenue and scale for their highly-talented, creative and inventive producers,” said Jim Taszarek, Managing Director.

Harry Clark, Partner and Executive Vice President, will build and lead the national sales and support team for PRX.  “The opportunity to work with PRX during this exciting time in the podcasting industry is a privilege.  I’m thrilled to assemble the PRX sponsorship team, and to welcome Sarah van Mosel to Market Enginuity as Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer.”

The addition of Sarah reunites a successful team. Since the infancy of podcasting, Harry and Sarah have harnessed public media’s potential in the rapid evolution of digital, leading the strategy, team and operations that grew podcast sponsorship into a significant part of New York Public Radio’s overall revenue.

Sarah expressed enthusiasm for her return to public media, “I am excited to join Market Enginuity and look forward to building a new sales powerhouse in the podcast space. Between PRX and client stations throughout the U.S., Market Enginuity represents some of the best quality brands and most beloved programs. The engagement listeners have with these shows and brands is off the charts, and more marketers need to know that.”

This partnership leverages Market Enginuity’s sales expertise to support PRX’s continued growth.

About PRX
PRX is shaping the future of public media content, talent and technology. PRX is a leading creator and distributor, connecting audio producers with their most engaged, supportive audiences across broadcast, web and mobile. A fierce champion of new voices, new formats, and new business models, PRX is an award-winning media company, reaching millions of listeners worldwide. For over a dozen years, PRX has operated public radio’s largest distribution marketplace, offering thousands of shows including This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour and Reveal.

In 2014, PRX launched Radiotopia, a podcast collective of 16 extraordinary, independent, shows, anchored by 99% Invisible from Roman Mars.

PRX’s latest venture is RadioPublic, a company focused on building a mobile audio platform that drives listener discovery, engagement and revenue for creators.


Market Enginuity personnel shared expertise and ideas in these corporate support sessions of the PMDMC 2016

Selling Digital Audio = Podcasts + Streaming + Apps?
Thursday, August 11, 9:45am-11:00am
Ross Yaeger | Digital Director, Market Enginuity

Many in public radio consider digital audio to have the potential to build our audience and corresponding digital revenue stream(s), and it can encompass a lot of different platforms (podcasts, on-demand, streaming, mobile apps). How do we prioritize when it comes to monetization? We discuss and explore what some stations are doing to increase their digital revenue opportunities, as well as strategies and lessons learned from colleagues already actively selling and measuring digital audio content. Radio only.

Determining Value and Process for Your Digital Ad Inventory
Thursday, August 11, 11:30am-12:30pm
Laura Landress | Manager of Corporate Support, Nashville Public Radio

From web banners and pre-roll to email and mobile platforms, we explore the digital ad products being used successfully in public media today. We present a primer on how to prioritize the implementation of ad products and forecast revenue, including the roll-out of newer ad units and less-defined platforms like social media. We discuss how to support digital sales; the infrastructure, workflow, tools and scalable recommendations for different sized/resourced stations.

Marketing the Public Media Value Proposition
Thursday, August 11, 2:30pm-3:45pm
Donna Fuhrman | Creative Services Director, Market Enginuity

How effective are we in marketing our stations to potential customers? We offer tips for leveraging websites, email marketing, social media and other assets to effectively communicate our value proposition to our clients. We also share recent field research conducted with agencies in multiple markets that informs practical steps we can take to present media kits and presentations that resonate.

Growing Your Corporate Account List and Revenue
Friday, August 12, 2:30pm-3:45pm
Brian Benschoter | Corporate Support Manager, KUT and KUTX, Austin, Texas

Evolving technologies and communications platforms make effective prospecting more complex than it used to be. We share tips for adapting to the changing forms of communication to cultivate and grow your account list. We cover tactics for increasing your account list in areas both known and new to public media, whether you’re operating on a shoestring budget or have access to subscription-based tools to help.

Networking Session: The Best Worst Ideas
Friday, August 12, 4:15pm-5:15pm
Bob Dea | Vice President Corporate Underwriting, PBS SoCal, Los Angeles

Bring your humility and share what you wish you hadn’t done this year. We all make mistakes; it’s learning from them that counts. In this interactive end-of-conference session we take the chance to laugh with and learn from each other. We break into groups for networking and discussion, and then reconvene to award prizes for the best worst ideas of 2016!


About Market Enginuity
Market Enginuity’s mission is to link public media clients and corporate supporters in a mutually beneficial partnership that enables each to fulfill its mission. As the largest public media sponsorship sales force in the U.S., Market Enginuity represents local and national sponsorship for a mix of public media stations and podcast producers throughout the nation. Market Enginuity’s sister company, Enginuity Workshop, focuses on PBS KIDS® sponsorship for client stations.

Market Enginuity has specialized in corporate sponsorship for public media since 1999, and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.