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We are — every person on this planet — living with a stark, new reality as the coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, travels from nation to nation, to almost every community we know. Many people are becoming ill. Others are losing their jobs as companies cut back and government at every level struggles […]

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BLOG: The Human Approach to Sponsorship Sales

The human approach benefits both stations and sponsors. Sponsorship messages on local NPR® stations are like personal recommendations from a trusted friend, and can serve as the human link between a person’s pain point and the product or service they need.

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About Market Enginuity®

Market Enginuity links mission-driven media and sponsors in mutually beneficial partnerships.

As the largest public media sponsorship sales force in the U.S., Market Enginuity represents local and national sponsorship for a mix of public media stations in Nielsen media markets #2-44 and podcast producers throughout the nation. Enginuity Workshop, a division of Market Enginuity, provides consultation for public radio stations in Nielsen markets 50+.

Market Enginuity has been fueling mission-driven, educational and inspiring independent media since 1999.